37 Week Bump Date

3 weeks to go!


What’s happening with baby:  Same old, same old with baby.  Getting fatter, growing, practicing breathing, and kicking mama in the bladder and the ribs.  Most of the really important stuff has already happened!  At our ultrasound this week (biophysical, not growth) everything looked great.  Amniotic fluid levels, blood flow through the cord, and the placenta all look good!

What’s happening with mama:  Braxton-Hicks and more Braxton-Hicks.  Seriously though.  I get BH contractions if I get dehydrated.  I get BH if my bladder is full.  (See how those two work together there?)  I get BH if the baby is moving around a lot.  I get BH if I’m moving around a lot.  In other words, I just get BH all the time.  They’re not terribly bothersome and they don’t hurt, so it’s just another thing to deal with.

I’ve felt a bit better and more physically comfortable this week (excepting some stomach issues, which I’ve continued to have throughout this pregnancy…  I tend to get a sour or crampy stomach a lot for some reason).  My hips haven’t been aching as much and I am very thankful for that.  I made the switch from lovenox to heparin this week after some miscommunication between the doctor’s office and the pharmacy.  I finally got the medication in the proper form on Friday and started the heparin that night.  So far it has gone fine but I do already notice more bruising and soreness.  I guess that’s just par for the course with heparin and I.  Also, I’m pretty sure I am getting pregnancy fat face.  Oh well…

At my midwife appointment this week we found out that I am Group B Strep positive again.  This means that I ought to get antibiotics during labor prior to delivery.  Of course, I am allergic to penicillin so I have to be given vancomycin.  I was given vancomycin during labor with E as well, which resulted in me developing Red Man Syndrome – a crazy reaction to the antibiotic.  There aren’t very many alternatives to the vancomycin for me, so we’ll do our best to avoid a reaction and just deal with it as best we can.  We did find during E’s labor that if they gave the medication much more slowly that I didn’t have a reaction.  (I was given antibiotics twice while in labor with E because me labor was so long.)


Preparations:  Slowly but surely we’re getting there.  The wardrobe we’ve been working on for our bedroom is finally finished enough to use.  It just needs some paint and trim work done and then it will be completely finished!  Yay!  It seems unlikely that we’ll have the new headboard done before baby but you never know!  We’ve started clearing out our walk-in closet and will be turning that in our mini nursery/baby hub as quickly as we can.  We have a few things to decide (such as do we want to get rid of the dresser that is in there and get a smaller dresser for that space instead and do we want to move the changing table from E’s room to the mini nursery) but we will be able to get the bassinet set up, which is the most important thing.  We can also get the rest of baby’s things in there and organized while we decide on those few details.  I kind of can’t wait.  We’ll also be getting the pack-n-play set up downstairs, which will provide a great little baby station for that level of the house.

In other areas of preparation, I’ve filled out my birth plan, had it approved by the midwives, and filled out admission paperwork for the hospital as well.  I need to fill out the online pre-registration for the hospital and then I am all set in that regard.  And, much to Papa Bear’s delight as he has been urging me to do this for a while now, I even started packing a hospital bag!  Now I just need to finish packing that up and get an overnight bag together for E.  I feel like we’re getting down to the wire!

Baby is the size of a:  bunch of Swiss chard.

Working Out Through My Second Pregnancy

Staying active is an important part of a healthy pregnancy, provided you don’t have a condition that requires you to be on bedrest.   Exercising during pregnancy can help boost energy levels, alleviate some aches and pains, help manage weight gain, and even make the labor and recovery process easier.  Staying active has been a big priority for me during both of my pregnancies.

Spinning at 27 weeks 6 days.

During my first pregnancy I ran up to 25 weeks, which was great.  Unfortunately I developed the blood clot in my leg at 27 weeks.  Following the blood clot I was put on bedrest for a number of weeks and by the time I was given the okay to get back to being active, running seemed out of reach.  Too much time had gone by and I was too nervous to take on vigorous or strenuous exercises.  Instead I took up prenatal yoga and kept that up until E was born.  I was thankful that, in spite of everything I was dealing with in regards to my health, I felt strong and stayed as active as possible during my pregnancy.  I had a long labor with E but my recovery was great.

I had high expectations and hopes for this pregnancy.  I thought I would be a pregnancy workout superstar.  I had visions of myself running until the day I gave birth and, of course, I would keep up with spin, yoga, and strength training at the gym as well.  I would love to say I have been killing it and have even blown my own expectations out of the water but that would be a lie.

That’s not to say I have done poorly.  I actually don’t think that at all!  Through this pregnancy I have been running (even with the jogging stroller at times), doing a lot of walking, attending spin and yoga classes, and, yes, even doing strength training.  However, as the weeks have gone by my activity levels have certainly decreased and I have not kept up the fitness regimen that I had at one point hoped to.  I do still make it to the gym but I haven’t run since I was 28 weeks along and I haven’t been to spin class in weeks.

Yoga at 33 weeks.

.I am okay with that.

It’s important to be flexible in pregnancy (particularly a high-risk pregnancy) as well as life because you just never know how things are going to play out.  Sure, I might still wish that I could have been that pregnancy workout superstar but I’m happy with the fact that I have been active throughout my pregnancy and I’ve listened to my body and what it needs during this important time.  The fact of the matter is that some days a nap trumps gym time!

Shadow bump during a run with the jogging stroller at 18 weeks.

I still try to get to the gym a couple of times a week for yoga or some time on the elliptical but it has been getting harder and harder to squeeze that gym time in between preparing our home for the baby, three doctor appointments each week, and getting E out of the house for playdates and time with her friends.  I know it’s almost sacrilege to say it but sometimes the gym just has to take a backseat and that’s where I am right now and likely where I will remain for the rest of this pregnancy.  I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  Life is busy and hauling around about 25 extra pounds on a daily basis can feel like a workout in itself!  I’m going to continue to try to get to the gym when I can but most importantly I am going to be listening to my body and do my best to make the best choices possible for me and baby, even if that’s sometimes just vegging on the couch.

36 Week Bump Date

4 weeks left to go!  That’s just one month!


What’s happening with baby:  By the end of this week baby will be considered “early term.”  (Term is now considered 39 to 40 weeks.)  Baby’s main jobs these days are gaining weight, practicing breathing and sucking, and moving around like crazy.  Baby turns towards familiar sounds and practices looking for the source of the sound.  The baby is head down and just hanging out, getting ready to make its way into the world.

What’s happening with mama:  Mama is doing fairly well.  Had a few days this week where I was uncomfortable for various reasons.  My main complaint has been hip pain.  I don’t recall having much hip pain with E, so this is new to me.  It is worst at night, usually after a few hours of sleeping, and there have been a couple of nights that I have woken after 4-5 hours and wondered if I was going to even be able to fall back asleep the pain in both hips was so bad.  I started sleeping with a pillow between my knees and that has helped greatly.  Otherwise I am just feeling very large and cumbersome.  Going about my daily activities is getting a little harder, bending and stretching just isn’t as easy any more!

I switch blood thinners from lovenox to heparin today.  I’m… not excited about it.  I thought about putting it off a few days simply because I want to delay going on heparin as long as possible but I guess I am just going to buckle down and do it.  As nervous as I am that being on heparin is going to be as rough as it was with E, I would much rather that that be induced.  Just the price I have to pay, I guess!

I also finally admitted to Papa Bear and the midwife that I am much more nervous about labor and delivery this time around.  I was very devoted to a natural birth with E but it ended up not going that way.  I did get an epidural in the final hours and I feel confident that it was the right choice at the time.  I had so many wacky things happen with E’s birth – I was stuck at 6 cm for hours, had to have antibiotics for Group B Strep, had a reaction to the antibiotics they gave me, was given IV Benadryl that sent me for a loop, and had crazy back and thigh labor.  At the end of all that getting the epidural allowed me to relax and progress quickly, granting me the vaginal delivery I wanted.  While getting the epidural was more painful than I expected, the rest of my epidural experience was actually quite good.  I am once again planning a natural birth this time around because I know it’s what’s safest for me and baby given my blood clotting disorders but I’m also not sure if my resolve is what it was with E.  It’s difficult.  I’m also nervous about having terrible thigh labor again.  But, as the midwife said when I was speaking with her, second labors are generally a bit easier (and shorter) and we simply can’t predict what is going to happen – it’s good to know what I want but also be open to making changes if necessary.  I am confident that the midwives will help me through L&D and will help me make choices that will result in a positive birth experience for both me and the baby.

Recent appointments:  This week I had appointments with both the midwife and maternal fetal medicine for an ultrasound.  From here on out I’ll be having appointments at both offices each week.  At the appointment with the midwife, I got tested for Group B Strep (I’ll get the results at the next appointment.  I was GPS positive with E.) and also got the TDAP vaccine.  Because I had TDAP right after E was born my immunity is still good; however, by getting the vaccine again while pregnant some of the immunity will pass to the baby before it is born.  Otherwise the appointment was routine and baby and I are looking good per the midwife!

Our ultrasound appointment also went very well.  Baby is still head down (has been for months) and has gone from measuring a week ahead to being right on target.  My appointment was at 35 weeks 6 days and baby’s growth measured exactly that.  The ultrasound tech estimated that baby is about 5 3/4 pounds.  The pictures we got at this appointment weren’t great quality (I think the ultrasound machine in the room we were in wasn’t as good as some of the others.) but we did get to see the baby practicing breathing.  The tech also checked amniotic fluid levels, blood flow through the cord, and the placenta and all is looking good.  After the ultrasound one of the MFM docs came in to talk to us a little bit about switching to heparin and to answer any questions we might have had about that, which was nice.  Obviously we’ve already gone over everything with the hematologist but it was nice that MFM wanted to check in on us as well and make sure we were all set.


Weight gained:  22-23 pounds.

Baby is the size of a:  head of romaine lettuce.

8 Years Down, A Lifetime to Go

Today, Papa Bear and I have been married eight years.


In eight years, we’ve visited seven Caribbean Islands, held six different jobs, owned five vehicles, loved four pets, lived in three states, will soon be parents to two little ones and have built one life together.


Happy Anniversary, babe!  Thank you for choosing me.  I love you.


I don’t get many things right the first time
In fact, I am told that a lot
Now I know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls
Brought me here
And where was I before the day
That I first saw your lovely face?
Now I see it everyday
And I know
That I am
I am
I am
The luckiest

35 Week Bump Date

5 more weeks!  (You know, give or take!)


Any guesses on whether this shirt continues to fit until 40 weeks?  It’s getting a bit short!

What’s happening with baby:  Baby’s just keeps on keeping on.  S/he is gaining weight and shedding the downy lanugo hair and vernix that has been covering the body.  Baby continues to practice swallowing and breathing.  By this point baby’s lungs should be structurally complete and lubricated with surfactant, which will help keep the air sacs open when baby takes its first breath.

What’s happening with mama:  Mama is doing well.  I’m still coming to grips with the news about the lovenox-to-heparin switch at 36 weeks but doing well besides that.  I did get some good news from the hematologist’s office earlier this week – I do not need to get the IV iron transfusions!  I am very happy about that.  It looks like my iron levels are on the low side of normal.  They recommended trying out an oral iron supplement and seeing how that goes, so I’ll be giving that a shot.

I was bummed to discover my first (ever!) pregnancy stretch marks this week.  (Actually, E pointed them out.  Thanks, kid!)  I know they’re not really such a big deal but having made it through one pregnancy with no stretch marks, I really thought I would make it through another free of them as well.  No such luck!  Ah well.  I am grateful that I don’t have any other negative pregnancy symptoms like heartburn or swelling.  I’m still comfortably wearing all my shoes, as well as my rings.  I have definitely been feeling much more achy in my hips lately.  According to my midwife this is due to the increase of relaxin at this stage of pregnancy.  Relaxin makes the ligaments in your joints a bit more relaxed, which can cause them to ache.  I’m already bigger than I ever was with E (weight and size wise) and feel quite ponderous at times!

At lot of people have asked me if I am ready to just have this baby.  I don’t know if it is due to my size and they assume that I am uncomfortable and miserable or what.  Yes, I do have some discomfort but overall I am enjoying being pregnant and feel quite good.  I’m in no hurry to rush this baby out of there, particularly when we have a number of projects we really want to get done before baby arrives anyway!  I will say I am looking forward to sleeping more comfortably, including on my back, once baby arrives but I’m hoping baby stays put for a while longer.  I wouldn’t mind making it to our due date!

In fun new, PB and I attended a wedding this weekend.  It was pretty awesome to get all dolled up and have a night “off” together!  (E was with grandma.)  I think we looked pretty darn cute!


Excuse the squinty expressions – it was sunny!

Recent appointments:  I met with the midwife earlier this week and all is looking good.  Pretty standard appointment – talk about any concerns, take fundal measurements, listen to baby’s heartbeat.  All is well!  Starting at 36 weeks I’ll be meeting with the midwives weekly.  I think I will be meeting with maternal fetal medicine starting weekly then, too.  I don’t see the hematologist until 37 weeks but I could possibly start seeing them weekly at that point as well.  Three appointments a week.  Whew!  That’s going to be fun, right?

Baby is the size of a:  head of romaine lettuce.

National Apple Harvest Festival 2014

This past Saturday we trekked to Arendtsville, Pa., for the National Apple Harvest Festival.  This is the seventh year we’ve gone to the festival – it has become an autumn staple for us!


We love the National Apple Harvest Festival.  There is so much to look at, a ton of live entertainment, and all the delicious food you could want!  There is fresh-made applesauce, apple dumplings and pies and breads, apple sausage, apple cider, apple syrup and even apple daiquiris.  We particularly love the pit beef sandwiches, apple sausage, and pumpkin funnel cakes.  If you have enough room after eating all the things, definitely get an apple dumpling with a scoop of ice cream!  Yum!

This year was particularly fun because of E.  There is a whole section of the festival devoted to kids entertainments, which included performances, crafts, and a petting zoo.  E particularly loves necklaces and bracelets lately so when I saw one of the crafts available for the kiddos (for free!) was a make your own National Apple Harvest Festival necklace, I was all over that!  It was a simple craft but E had a lot of fun stringing the beads and showing off her new necklace.  She has worn it almost every day since!

appleharvest appleharvest2

E also went of her very first pony ride at the festival and she LOVED it.  Check out that smile!


Until this weekend she has always been interested in looking at horses but has never wanted to go on a pony ride; however, Saturday she was very excited about it.  She actually asked to ride the ponies multiple times, so we figured we’d give it a shot.  I’m glad we did since she didn’t show any fear at all!  Her pony’s name was Noah.  :)

 appleharvest4 appleharvest5


Do you have a favorite autumn festival?

34 Week Bump Date

6 weeks to go!


What’s happening with baby:  Baby’s pupils dilate in response to the light filtering into the uterus.  Its lungs and central nervous system are continuing to mature.  Baby is also continuing to fill out with fat, making its little body a little rounder and making its skin smoother and less wrinkly.  Baby is still very active in there and really moves my belly all over the place these days.

What’s happening with mama:  Not much new to report!  Still feeling good and getting to the gym as often as possible.  Lately we seem to have a lot of doctor appointments that interfere with gym time but I’ve been making it to yoga pretty consistently twice a week.  I haven’t been to spin in quite a long time as my midwife appointments have tended to be the same mornings as my favorite spin class.  At this point I’m not sure I could keep up!  I’ve also not run in quite a few weeks.  I’m okay with that.  I am planning on writing a post all about my prenatal fitness soon.  On days that I am unable to make it to the gym I try to do at least 20 squats and 20 push-ups at home.  And that’s no joke with an extra 20 pounds of baby added to the equation!

Sleep has continued to be difficult.  I’m still having trouble getting comfortable and find that my hips and ribs get to feeling quite sore sometimes.  I also tend to get pretty hot while I am sleeping lately.  I don’t want to jinx anything but I think it might be getting a little easier to get comfortable the last couple days.

Recent appointments:  I had an appointment with my hematologist this morning to go over the plan for the rest of the pregnancy.  Per Maternal Fetal Medicine I need to switch to heparin at 36 weeks of pregnancy unless I want to be induced.  I vastly prefer lovonox to heparin, given my experience last time around, but I very much do not want to be induced.  I want this baby to come when it’s ready, so that means dealing with the ups-and-downs of heparin again.  I met with my hematologist to discuss this change because throughout she has been in charge of monitoring my blood thinner dosage.

I left the appointment with mixed feelings.  I’ve felt apprehensive about the switch to heparin all pregnancy but had been put a little as ease by one of the doctors at MFM.  They said that since I am on a prophylactic dose those pregnancy, as opposed to therapeutic, I could expect things to be a little easier to deal with.  Thus far this has proven true with the lovenox, I have had to do a single injection daily this time around whereas I was on twice daily injections with E’s pregnancy.  Unfortunately when I switch to heparin, I’ll have to do three shots daily.  My heart dropped when I heard that at my appointment this morning.  I’m not looking forward to that and I must admit I feel some anxiety about it.  Heparin was rough the first time around (I had a lot of soreness, bruising and lumps under the skin at the injection sites.) and since I am going to be doing three shots a day again, I kind of expect it to be rough again.  It only makes sense that there is going to be increased soreness when you go from seven shots a week to 21.  It’s possible that things will be better this time around but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about the switch.

In addition to that my iron levels were low.  They are running some additional tests and depending on how those come back I may have to go in for weekly iron infusions until the end of the pregnancy.  I very much am hoping that I don’t have to do that.  The nurse said that the baby is likely fine but that it is drawing away enough of my iron that it is making my slightly anemic.  Why they would want to do the infusions rather than an oral iron pill is that there is an adequate amount of iron in prenatal vitamins, so it’s a question of absorption.  An infusion would be absorbed and processed better by my body, whereas an oral iron pill would be less likely to be absorbed and would most likely be flushed out as waste.  I should know by early next week whether I need the iron infusions.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t.  I really don’t want to add that to all of my mess of doctors’ appointments.  I have enough as it is!

But as we have done in the past, we’ll deal with whatever comes our way.

Thoughts on the big-sister-to-be:  E continues to amazing me with the things she comes up with regarding the new baby.  She knows she is going to be a big sister and says she is excited about it.  She interacts with my belly often – she talks to the baby and will kiss and hug my belly.  She still loves getting out the doppler and listening to the baby’s heartbeat.  The other day I was having a Braxton-Hicks contraction and E asked me, “What you belly doing?” when she saw me rubbing my belly.  I said, “Contracting… squeezing down.”  She laid her head against my belly and whispered, “Baby, stop squeezing.”  She also felt the baby move for the first time about two weeks ago.  She was laying with her head against my belly and the baby pushed right against the side of her face.  She sat up and looked at me like, “What the heck was that?!”  I told her it was the baby and she seemed quite amazed.  I’m not sure she believed me!

Baby is the size of a:  cantaloupe.

A Chance of Sprinkles

This past Sunday my mom group friends surprised me (and another mom who is expecting) with a “sprinkle” for Baby #2!  (A sprinkle is like a mini baby shower.  Get it?  Baby shower but smaller, so… sprinkle!)


Wasn’t that so sweet of them?  We also spoiled another mama whose baby was born before her sprinkle could be held, so it was just a big celebration during our little Mom’s Lunch Out!  It was lovely and I am so grateful to have such an awesome group of mommy friends!

You know, it’s funny… I call them my mom group friends still because I met them all at the new mommy group I attended right after E was born but we as we’ve really gotten to know each other and watched all our kiddos grow, we’ve become so much closer.  Honestly, now we’re all good friends – not just mom group friends!  So thankful to have these ladies in my life!  (If you’re a first-time mom or new to an area, I cannot recommend seeking out a mommy group enough.  It can be a life, and sanity, saver!)

But, of course, I forgot to get a picture of all of us at our lunch…  Ooops!  Just pretend there is a table full of ladies enjoying Mexican food and some baby-free time together here!

The ladies spoiled baby (and mama!) with some wonderful things that I know we’ll get a lot of use out of.  Another friend sent us a gift just a few days ago as well.  We have such generous friends and this baby is already so well loved!  We are blessed.


I will be the 5th of our group to welcome a second baby to their family – at least by the time baby is born I will be!  Since last December three of my friends have had their second, another is due this month, I’m due next month, and yet another is due in January.  It must just be that phase of life, eh?  It was so nice that all of our first babies were so close in age and now our second babies are going to be pretty close as well!

Thanks again ladies!


If you have more than one child, did you have a second shower or a sprinkle for baby #2 (or 3 or 4)?

33 Week Bump Date

7 weeks to go!


What’s happening with baby:  Baby’s skeleton is hardening, though the bones in its skull aren’t fused together (and won’t fuse together until early adulthood) which makes it easier for baby to handle the birthing process.  Also, baby’s digestive enzymes are now active and if baby were born it would be able to process food.  Baby continues to be very active, though the movements have become more controlled and slow.  Or at least they feel that way!

What’s happening with mama:  I feel a little bit like a song stuck on repeat but physically I am still feeling really good.  The belly is getting more and more in the way of everyday activities but I guess that’s to be expected!  I have no real aches or pains and my sciatic nerve hasn’t truly bothered me in weeks.  I’ve also not had any issues with swelling or other uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.  I am still rather tired a lot of the time but I think that has to do with the stress of E being sick last week (as well as E not sleeping well) more so than pregnancy currently.  Though baby is growing a lot right now, so I am sure that plays a part!  That being said, I have noticed that I do have to work a little harder to get comfortable.  If I lay on one side for very long, it starts to really ache.  I spoke with the midwife about it at my appointment this week and she said that it’s likely due to the weight of my belly pulling on those muscles and recommended putting a pillow under my belly, which seems so funny to do but it does seem to help!  Since I have been doing that I have found it easier to get comfortable and I think I have been sleeping a bit better.

This past weekend I finally went through our baby clothes in storage and pulled out all the gender neutral newborn and 0-3 month clothing.  I got it all laundered (and even used a homemade stain remover to get out some old spit up stains!) along with a bunch of receiving blankets, burp cloths, and the rest of our newborn cloth diapers.  I think everything that needs to be washed is washed now!  It was so sweet to go through all of E’s old clothing.  It brought back a lot of memories and I feel like doing that, more than anything else, really got me excited to bring this new baby home.  I can’t wait to use all our favorite little onesies and such again.  Hopefully we’ll get our built-in armoire finished in the bedroom this weekend and we can start getting the little mini nursery set up.  Once we get that done, we’ll pretty much be all set to bring baby home!


Just yesterday I was notified that I won a photo session from a local photographer, so I am going to take the opportunity to have some family photos done before baby arrives.  I’d really like some nice shots of just E but I also would like some celebrating this pregnancy and our final weeks as a family of three.  I’m excited!

Recent appointments:  This week I had an appointment with the midwife as well as another ultrasound with maternal fetal medicine.  Both appointments went great!  Baby looks and sounds great and everything is going well with mama, too.  At the ultrasound baby was measuring about 5 days ahead (down from a week ahead) and they are guessing it is around 4 pounds.  Baby was not cooperative for getting any good photos but was very active on screen again, which was fun to see.  Not much else to report!  We go back to the midwife in 2 weeks and in for another ultrasound in 3 weeks.

Weight gained:  18 pounds.  According to the scale at the midwives’ office I have actually lost weight since my previous appointment.  They weren’t concerned.  The midwife we met with said that I am on target for a totally normal and appropriate weight gain.

Baby is the size of a:  pineapple.


For the last week E and I have been quarantined at home due to a fever she developed last Monday.  It’s been kind of crazy.  At times when i would check her temperature it would be perfectly normal but at least once a day her temperature would jump up.  Frustrating!

Last Monday, at noon, her temp was 102.3.  I called the nurse advice line at her doctor’s office and was advised to give her Tylenol and Advil, not to worry if she didn’t want to eat but make sure she was getting a lot of fluids, and to call back on Friday if the fever persisted that long.  By evening her temp was down to 100.3.  The rest of the week followed this pattern (until Friday) – her temp would be normal in the morning and all day until after nap, at which point it would jump up.  Tuesday it jumped back up to 102.1 after nap. Wednesday it was 99.9 and Thursday it was 100.2.  She did not have any other symptoms really all week.  She was sleeping rather poorly and was crabbier than usual but she wasn’t coughing or sneezing or acting sick at all.  Thursday morning she did have a slight runny nose and then that evening… well, she started acting like she actually felt ill and then she vomited.  All over me and the dog.  And that’s how I ended up showering with a toddler and a dog Thursday evening…

Friday morning her temp was 100.9, so we called the nurse line again and they asked that we come in to see the doctor.  The doctor declared her lungs clear and said her ears looked fine.  (Though she did find a lady bug in one of her ears.  What?!  How crazy is that?  They ended up flushing it out with water.)  She thought E’s throat might be looking a little pink, so she ordered a strep test just in case.  The strep test came back negative.  The doctor said she figured it was something viral and that the fever would go away over the weekend but if it didn’t she would want E to come back in and they would likely have to do chest x-rays and drawn blood to try to determine what was causing the fever.

I was very nervous about that when, come Sunday evening, E was feeling warm again.  We took her temp and it was 101.  Ugh!  I started to get very anxious but come Monday morning, her temperature was normal and it remained normal all day!  I am so glad (and relieved) that we didn’t have to go back to the doctor’s.

Since you’re technically considered contagious until you haven’t had a fever for 24 hours, yesterday was our first day off of self-imposed house arrest and it was full of doctors’ appointments for Papa Bear and I.  Right back into the thick of it!  I was looking forward to getting out of the house and visiting with friends today but then realized I had locked my keys in the car.  D’oh!  So we’re stuck at home again for a different reason.  I am so ready to get back to the gym and seeing our friends!  I’m sure E is too!

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